Healthcare worker Demetra Ransom comforts a patient in the Covid-19 ward at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas on Friday.
Coronavirus testing facilities across the U.S. face being overwhelmed by demand, as states continue to introduce new social restrictions to combat rising infections. Some 32 states, plus Washington D.C., have seen a rise in cases in the last two weeks.

A CDC panel this week agreed how Covid-19 vaccines should be distributed — but meanwhile cases continue to rise amid economic uncertainty and personal tragedy.

Data science is an extremely broad term, which means that it means different things for different companies, and so, different companies desire different skillsets. For example, some companies desire machine learning knowledge others desire experimental design and A/B testing, some desire Python programmers and others desire R programmers, etc… Therefore, the skillset you develop at one company won’t necessarily carry you through your entire career.Now bind this input event to the span tag using your Python script. To do this, we will use the document from the browser. Any type of script will be encapsulated in a script tag with…

WASHINGTON — In courtrooms across the country, judges have issued one withering rebuke after another, rejecting President Donald Trump’s campaign’s efforts to invalidate millions of votes and cast doubt on the election he lost.

By Monday, all swing states had certified Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, even as the president and his allies continued to challenge the results.…


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